Anna Tsianou

prehistoric information, series null, 2013
7 objects made of maplewood, ink, overall dimensions: approx. 22 x 45 x 1 cm
untitled (twenty-one), series null, 2013
c-print, 21 photographs of shaped objects, framed, 15x10 cm each, 65 x 125 cm overall dimensions
from Alpha to Omega, series null, 2014
shellac, chalk, charcoal on paper, framed, 95x150 cm
untitled (two spears), series null, 2013
pinewood, ink, rope, 2 objects each 160x8x3 cm
untitled, series null, 2013
pencil, coloured pencil on paper, 100x185 cm
reaching the skies is a technological challenge, series null, 2013
2 objects made of maplewood, ink, overall dimensions 5x120x1 cm
untitled, 2013
pencil, pen on scale paper, DIN A3